Horde Survival is a Virtual Reality game/simulation written in C# with Unity. The purpose of the game is simply to see how long you survive against endless hordes of randomly generated enemies. Enemies spawn in all different directions, so having top-notch reactions are a key for survival.

In Further Detail

Horde Survival consists of, well surviving a horde of enemies. There are 3 spawn points (in front, to the left, and to the right) where enemies may spawn, each spawn point is computed randomly. The player needs to be constantly aleart to react quick enough to skeletons spawning around them. At first it may seem easy, but the spawn rate becomes exponentially higher the longer the player survives. cap is at a certain number since you can't spawn infinite skeletons but it does get really hard. The goal of game is to see how high of a combo you can get (my record is around 100). After dying, the player is taken to a death screen and told to try again.

The game pays homage to some of my favourite video games, such as music from "Super Smash Brothers: Melee", sound effects from "Minecraft", and a gameover screen inspired by "Earthbound".
I hope you're able to enjoy it as much as I enoyed creating it, it's available for download here. Just open the "Assets" folder in Unity 2017.3.0 and run any of the scenes.

Credits: Noah Mifsud Lattari: Ryerson University