I'm Noah Mifsud Lattari, an American-Canadian Computer Science graduate from Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario.

I recently joined Shopify's secured payments team. Previously I worked at Tesla on the Design Technology team, and Amazon on an Alexa team. Recently, I just finished taking some upper year courses in Reinforcement Learning, Computer Vision, and advanced Statistics.

Recently, I've been playing a ton of "Game Maker RPG" games. One that really stuck out to me was omori (a very heavy psychological horror game).

Someday, I'm thinking of pursuing graduate studies in the area of Human Computer Interaction. I'd like to use computation to help us understand the brain more, specifically brain-computer interfaces (BCI).

Growing up, I loved watching things that explored this topic, as silly as it may be, my interests came from popular movies and shows like Sword Art Online, The Matrix, Ready Player One, and Ender's Game. The idea of creating worlds that seemed as real as life by simulating cognitive senses was super interesting to me.

What I've done on Campus

Ryerson Computer Science Course Union

Matthew Kowal and I presenting "What is Computer Science" to first year students.

At the Ryerson CSCU I've held multiple positions, currently I volunteer as the Vice President of Academics. This entails me to handle all matters pertaining to undergraduate courses, grading, degree specializations, and academic events.

This usually involves taking feedback from students about current computer science courses, whether that be complaints or suggestions for improvement. We then bring this feedback up during board meetings with professors in the faculty.

I also handle getting new courses approved for our degree. Currently, we are trying to add a mandatory statistics class in the undergraduate curriculum due to growing popularity of Machine Learning. Speaking of ML, we are also pushing for two new degree concentrations in Machine Learning and Computer Security.

A gang of pirates set up to give out t-shirts on frosh week.

I joined the CSCU originally just to get something to put on my resume, but honestly It's been the most fun I've had at university. Ryerson can sometimes feel isolating due to its downtown campus and commuter vibe. After joining the CSCU I made a bunch of great friends and immediately the campus felt more like a home, and less like a business to me. I'm committed to making Ryerson Computer Science the best program it can be before I graduate.

Ryerson Science Society

View of the city from Toronto Centre Islands during RSS frosh week.

During the 2017 & 2018 Ryerson Science Society week of welcome, I was a student frosh leader. I got to take a bunch of incoming science students around campus to various events. Overall was a pretty great opportunity to get more involved with other academic disciplines and meet tons of new students.

Ryerson eSports

My jersey :).

In first and second year, I played competitive collegiate League of Legends for Ryerson eSports. Honestly I used to dedicate a lot of time to LoL, from grinding ranked queue, scrims, practices, and LANs, my grades definitely suffered. I reached a peak rank of "Diamond 3" which is the top 0.3% of all North American League players. A lot of people have asked me if it was worth it, or if I wished I spent my time studying or preparing for internships, and honestly it 100% was.

I think getting "good" at League of Legends taught me how to get good at something. It taught me a lot of things from leadership, dedication, and performing under pressure. I may write a whole post about this sometime, but for now check out a similar post from Ryerson alumni Anthony Sistilli about Starcraft II and his career.

Interests & Hobbies

Other things I'm interested in are coffee & tea making, competitive LoL (mentioned), keyboards, biking, bouldering, and hiking. I grew up in Northern-Ontario so I really like anything to do with the outdoors. I'd like to someday move out of the city, but not today :^).